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Custom Mantra 925 Sterling Silver Ring


With our brand new customizeable mantra open and adjustable ring, you can make a truly unique piece of jewelry that will serve as a constant reminder every day when you most need it.

...or you can customize a ring for someone you love with just the message you think they need to be inspired or uplifted. It really is the perfect gift and it allows for a completely personalized experience.

Packaging Options:
Add a gift -and keepsake box for just $4.95. Perfect if you are gifting the ring to someone else. If no giftbox is selected, the ring will be delivered in a beautiful silk bag with our brand logo on it, inside a protective envelope. The branded silk bag is also included when selecting the giftbox option.

Thin Wrap 'I Am Enough' Ring

Here are some examples to inspire you and help you create the perfect reminder for yourself or someone you love:

Soul Sisters - perfect for as a gift for you and your best girlfriend

She Believed She Could So She Did - A powerful wellknown and inspirational affirmation

Never Give Up - Perfect as an inspiration or for someone who needs this reminder if they are going through hard times

You're My Person - A sweet and beautiful affirmation of love

You Got This - Similar to the Never Give Up it's a beautiful inspirational reminder that we can achieve our goals in life

Hope - Hope can be the light in what seems like endless darkness and might be just what you or someone you know needs

Warrior - A powerful affirmation signaling that if we don't quit and we do our best to persevere we can overcome hardships

Enjoy the Journey - Many people go through life without appreciating the little things enough, this is a perfect reminder to appreciate the little things

Fearless - An inspirational reminder to be fearless and face life head on, perfect for the badass in yourself or someone you know

Always in My Heart - A perfect reminder of someone you might have loved and lost or someone you always think about

Better Together - A lovely reminder that we don't need to bear the burdens of life alone and we're always better together with those we love

Family First - Perfect for the bonds in a strong family as a reminder that as long as you put each other first, you can overcome anything 

Every sale helps the greater good. With every sale of our ring we donate a % of the proceeds to our main non-profit organization; NAMI.

NAMI is one of the worlds leading mental health grassroot organization movements. They are dedicated to improve the lives of people who deal with mental health illnesses on a daily basis. They rely on our collected gifts and contributions to their important work.

NAMI educates hundreds of thousands of families on mental health to make sure that all of these people get the help, support and information they need.

NAMI has national influence on the public policy of mental health illness in the US. They use their proceeds to make it possible to give volunteer leaders the skills and tools they need to save mental health across the globe.

NAMI successfully fight the stigma around mental health illnesses and deeply encourages understanding and acceptance. They also work with reporters everyday to make sure society understands how important mental health is.

Each and everyone of our customers go a long way to help the battle against mental health issues globally and as such we have become a powerful family with a voice and a word to say.

Thin Wrap 'I Am Enough' Ring

Have no fear of discolouring of your skin or fading of the rings natural shine. All of our rings are original and made from 100% Certified 925 Sterling Silver and as such you will never experience any discolouring and your ring will stay beautiful forever. Wash gently in lukewarm water to restore it's shine anytime.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Free & easy exchanges if it's the wrong size
  • #1 best selling mental health awareness ring
  • 100% premium quality guaranteed
  • 180 day sterling silver jewelry guarantee
  • Premium limited edition custom made rings
  • Donations to NAMI every month
  • High grade certified sterling silver rings
  • Certified sterling silver factory production
  • Industrial machinery engraving process
  • Water resistant filling and coating
  • (do not use soap / gel / shampoo etc directly on the rings)
  • Allergy friendly - no discoloring or fading
  • RING SIZE: Open Design - Adjustable One Size

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not IN LOVE with your product feel free to reach out to us within 180 days of receiving your product. We'll give you a stress free refund once the product is sent back as long if its kept in perfect condition and not damaged by owner. Customer satisfaction is our #1 concern. We know you'll love your product so we're backing it up with a guarantee to make it hassle free and risk free! Also all of our rings come with a 180 day guarantee on quality. 7 days per week fast customer support.

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