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Handmade Anxiety Relief Sphere Spinner Ring

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Selena T


Cool ring, the quality is very good! Better than expected! I got it for my daughter, she's been dealing with some anxiety lately and I thought this might help. She really loved it!

This is one of our unique anxiety spinner rings. They are designed as anti anxiety rings by providing a focus point to calm the mind down. Science has proven that focusing in this manner can calm the mind and relief anxiety in the worst moments. Sometimes all it takes is a little fidget ring. The ring itself opens into a sphere and the individual rings can spin when touched. The ring opens up beautifully as shown in the video below. The mesmerizing design also helps calm the mind, so one can focus more on breathing and relaxing.
Chain included, can be worn also as a necklace.

When closed the ring is a beautiful piece that sits comfortably on your hand, but when opened it reveals zodiac symbols and inspirational messages of love such as 'life is brief but love is long', it is a unique piece of jewelry to inspire you and give you comfort during hard times.

Product Specifications:
  • Anti anxiety ring designed to calm the mind
  • Spinner rings can help focus the mind and calm down panic attacks
  • Fidgetting rings have been scientifically proven to help with anxiety
  • Unfold to reveal the earth’s equator
  • Size ranges from 5 to 12 (unisex) - Size Guide Below
  • Handmade within our own factory
  • Finish: 14K Gold & 925 Sterling Silver
  • Material: High quality stainless steel base (allergy-friendly)

    Don't know your ring size? Follow the video below. 

     International Ring Size Chart
     USA AU CA UK Circ.(mm) Dias.(mm)
    5 J1/2 5 J1/2 49 16
    5.5 L 5.5 L 50.5 16.1
    6 M 6 M 52 16.5
    6.5 N 6.5 N 53.2 16.9
    7 O 7 O 54.5 17.4
    7.5 P 7.5 P 55.8 17.8
    8 Q 8 Q 57.2 18.2
    8.5 8.5 58.2 18.5
    9 9 59.3 18.9
    9.5 9.5 61 19.4
    10 10 62.3 19.8
    10.5 10.5 63.5 20.2
    11 11 65 20.7
    11.5 11.5 66.2 21.1
    12 Y 12 Y 67.5 21.5

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